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01-16-2010, 10:54 PM
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The party was tonight. From what I could gather it was an elite crowd of guests ranging from Philadelphia Alumni to CEOs types from different companies. A lot of limos and expensive vehicles. Earth, Wind, & Fire was entertainment. The interior concourse was littered with chairs, racks, and containers, and was dark and off-limits. Everybody entered through a tent covered tunnel that I believe took them in through Bullies and into the Spectrum. Due to being curtained-off, missing half of the seats, and not utilizing the concourse, I can't imagine it had much of a Spectrum feel to it. But, it was the Spectrum Finale, so, I suppose they'll really kick the gutting into high gear and get ready to bring 'er down in a couple of months.

Although there wasn't much to capture, I did take a few photos.

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