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01-06-2005, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by T2M
2) Big, punishing defensemen. As was so succinctly pointed out in the top 20 prospects our defense drops off into a bottomless chasm. If Baier or Petiot don't pan out we're in big time trouble with our defensive depth and it's something that needs to be worked on in the next couple of drafts. I'm talking guys like Shea Weber as opposed to Dion Phaneuf. Visnovsky, Grebeskov, Baier and/or Gleason all have enough firepower among them to leave us with offensive defensemen for the next few years but we need some real punishers coming up. Petiot is a good start, but I'd like a big, mean young guy too. Way to solve this issue: the draft - rounds 1-4, trade.
I think you forgot about this one guy, his name is Tim Gleason

If you want a punishing defenseman, then we have third liners that we could trade for a physical defenseman prospect. You won't get a Phaneuf or Weber out of it, but the goal is to get a physical defenseman, not an elite physical d-man.

For the goaltending, I'd draft the best player available. No more, no less. We have so much forward depth, that we could trade one or two for a good goalie, and STILL be in good shape forward wise.

Two top 2 centers...
We have Conroy, Straka, Barney, Cammalleri, and Lehoux and Boyle (if they pan out) to be top 6 forwards, who can all play the center position. We're not in a dire need of one as much as you think, and have a couple drafts to grab one. When that time comes, I still suggest we grab the best player available, and then trade for a center prospect.

The only time I would suggest drafting by need is if the only way to fill that position needed, was to overpay.

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