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09-24-2003, 05:35 AM
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Ya know, I have mulled this situation over and over in my mind and it always comes back to this. We cannot afford to lose the 25 + goals that Comrie gives this team. That said, it doesn't mean that we can't afford to lose the guy. It means we need to get a good, bigger, strong center that can score. But, who could you get, that would give you all that, and fall in line at a cheap price? I can't think of anyone.... All those posters that feel we need another d-prospect aren't wrong on that feeling, but see above on the 25+ goals we would be losing on. Remember a couple of seasons ago when we set a club record for the least goals against. Second in the league in G.A. behind Colorado. I seem to recall we missed the playoffs that year. LMHF#1 is right, no Comrie, no playoffs. Its as simple as that. If you trade the guy, your not going to get anyone better, cheaper. For his age, Comrie is a bit of a prodigy. Nobody that is at Comrie's age (besides Heatley, or Kovulchuck, and good luck getting either one fo them) and is available, can match his stats. So your looking at older players, that become UFA's faster, or arbitration. Lowe realizes this, I just in my gut feel that he needs to bring Comrie's ego down a peg or two, by letting him sit. Lowe isn't going to deal that guy, but he is going to let him stew for a while. Its all part of the negotiations. Its all going to depend on how the Oilers start as to how quickly Comrie comes back. Both camps are dug in and awaiting that outcome.