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09-24-2003, 05:36 AM
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Originally Posted by biscuithead
Maybe they were emboldened knowing [Stu] was there. Not sure but Saturday night, it did seem like the boys were trying out that new glass!
I think biscuithead has hit the nail on the head there.

Hitting IS contagious...for 2 reasons, imo.

1) Nobody at that level wants to be outdone. Player A sees X throw a big hit, and decides HE has to throw one too, lest he be called "girly-man" on the next trip to the bench. Well, soon as he does, now it's B's turn, 'cuz he don't wanna be left out. Anyone who's played ANY team sport beyond the age of 14 knows it works like that. You challenge each other through deeds and THEN (often "caustic") words.

2) Jim McKenzie, Thomas Kloucek, et al make a HUGE difference. Jordin's GOING to hit's what he does. But now, the "retaliation" takes a different form,...why? Cuiz if I go after Jordin TOO hard, or in a dirty fashion, I know Kloucek (or later McKenzie) may well have something to say about it.

So yeah...not only is what Jordin does contagious to the rest of the team, but they feel they can take up that challenge with less fear of dirty or injurious (that's today's big word of the day, by the way...injurious) retaliation.


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