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Originally Posted by ult View Post
I just hope that kabanov will never play for team Russia at any level at all. I'd be happy to share my thoughts of him, but mods here are pretty harsh so I'll pass on that. Really, his interviews after he moved there, about how he's happy to get free leg warmers (not sure how it's called in english) are just pure gold. Woah at him talking ***** about "running from hockey in Russia" and his "difficult childhood". Revoke his citizenship and give him a canadian passport or something, I couldn't care less.
i am sure that Kabanov will play for RUSSIA in future. someone talking too much someone dosnt talk at all , so you just cant be sure which words were taken out of context by editors,columnist,journalist and so on...most important thing is ICEHOCKEY him self ! we know tons of players with bad character or with bad behaviour outside of rink but many of them represent theyr homecountrys at international level and are very successful on that. NB> we all have heard about Tiger Woods and his personal life ...that witch-hunt is making me sick. all those morons talking about moral and so on...these hypocrites arent brave enough to ask them selfs ARE THEY THOSE RIGHT ONES TO POINT THE FINGER AT ??

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