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Originally Posted by thevoice View Post
Is anybody actually suggesting that these "professionals" don't know the condition they need to be in? Or the fact that they need to put forth effort? Or they need to be taught discipline? This isn't high school or college hockey, these guys are professionals.
Conditioning, discipline, and putting forth 60 minutes of solid effort are problems with many teams every single season. As we see constantly with the NFL and NBA, "professional" is often merely an economic distinction with no other bearing in terms of discipline or professionalism.

Sure, there has been a lack of heart at times over the last several years. But if you don't think that the best coaches/GMs throughout the league don't understand that there is a constant battle to keep conditioning, discipline, and effort at 100%, then I guess you just don't pay attention to teams around the league.

As soon as the special teams got cold, all of the issues with Stevens' system were exposed to even those trying to be purposefully blind to them. Stevens let the team get weak and undisciplined. They didn't magically get heart when Laviolette arrived. They magically got held accountable by a discipline oriented coach. And it took a long damn time. Even though many of us said this right after the firing, in hindsight it is absolutely clear that Stevens should have been fired before training camp. If that happens the Flyers are in a much better position right now.

It's about leadership. It doesn't matter if its professional athletes, professional soldiers, or professional businessmen. Unguided talent will never reach its potential. And this team was lacking guidance from a number of places, not just coach, for a long time.

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