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Originally Posted by Mike Farkas View Post
In retrospect, sure...but this was a potential for potential+now trade...Naslund was doing relatively little for Pittsburgh with a stacked top six...and it was the last year of his contract (he was going to be restricted and therefore paid more, a lot more)...the Pens needed toughness and Stojanov was recently like a 7th overall pick (IIRC) they made the swap...

Pretty much no matter what, Naslund wasn't part of the Pens future plans...they hoped Stojanov was a late-blooming power forward...the Canucks even let Naslund sit a bit as an RFA before they finally signed him - not that I read a ton into his value from that...but maybe the Canucks weren't immediately sold on him either (there was once talk amongst Penguins fans that Naslund wasn't even given an qualifying offer, but I found a newspaper article a while ago that debunked that)

I believe Stojanov's career was short circuited by a car accident too...which didn't help matters...

I guess there's mildly-elaborate justifications for a lot of trades, but at the time, this wasn't an awful idea for Pittsburgh...when it's said and done, it's a horrific trade for the Pens, as we all well know...
I remember thinking at the time how absolutely awful the trade was.

I think some people, thanks to Stojanov's high draft selection, thought he could still develop NHL-caliber offense. I didn't see it happening.

Originally Posted by Habsfunk View Post
To Montreal: Russ Courtnall
To Toronto: John Kordic

Courtnall was a decent, 2nd line winger who scored a memorable OT goal in game 7 against Hartford in 1992 (1991?) before being traded for Brian Bellows, who a was a key player on the 1993 Stanley Cup team. Meanwhile, John Kordic bounced around the NHL and AHL for a few years before dying of a drug overdose in 1992. Even if he didn't, it was a great trade for Montreal and a terrible deal for Toronto.
That's a big one.

Originally Posted by Johnny Engine View Post
No, it doesn't work that way. The Islanders had rebuilt with high picks for years because their teams were so bad, and only made the playoffs later because they jetissonned all their rebuilding pieces for a bunch of veterans (Yashin, Peca, Osgood). The Panthers weren't a good team in that period of time because they drafted poorly (some of their high picks from around that time: Marcus Nilsson, Mike Brown, Kyle Rossiter, Denis Shvidki, Vladimir Sapozhnikov), and didn't bother to bring in much veteran talent to plug the holes in their roster. If you actually think that Parrish (a one-dimensional scorer who has similar per-season numbers to Sergei Berezin) and Kvasha (useless gentle giant, and run out of the NHL by age 27) brought more to the table than Luongo and Jokinen, well, I can't help you.
Forget Luongo; those two didn't bring more to the table than Jokinen alone.

Originally Posted by AndreaBargnani View Post
Huh, for some reason I was under the impression that the Brett Hull trade involved Doug Gilmour.
Nope, if it did, considering the other players involved, it would not be considered one of the biggest ripoffs of all-time, it would be more even.

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