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Originally Posted by Salzig View Post
Ok thanks. In Germany it's 16 for beer and 18 for hard liquor. This means I have five years more experiences than Americans in the same age. Is there any reason why the drinking age is that high?
Mostly due to reactionary movements in the early 1980's to establish it at 21, followed up with ties between federal highway funds and the state mandated drinking age. South Carolina is the only state that may be allowing purchase and consumption at 18, due to a court ruling. Most states do not ban consumption, only purchase, so it's not like people haven't had a few. Or more.

As for WNY... Ontario is 19, so plenty of people start earlier in Canadian bars. Granted, they used to close at 1:00 a.m., then moved that back to 2:00 a.m. (or later by special permit). WNY is 4:00 a.m. closing.

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