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09-24-2003, 06:00 AM
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Originally Posted by LoudmouthHemskyfan#1
"his job???"

If his job is to keep one of our best players off the ice, then he's doin great.
part of his job is to not overpay a guy just to get him in the lineup at any cost just because of the pressure coming from impatient fans who don't understand the complexities of what's going on.

Because no one who put up 50 points in an injury plagued season, and 60 points the year before, and is 22 years old, will sign that deal.
Alex Tanguay (a rough comparable) did this summer, and he's a year older.

Joe Thornton did after his huge deal, and so did Lecavalier.

If Lowe's offering 1.4 mil, there'd better be some bonus clauses on top.
I'm sure there would be, but they wouldn't be like the bonus clauses he got before. MAYBE they'd take him up to 2 mil if he really were to perform well.

Because that's how the NHL works, like it or not. Good player, you pay the guy.
there is a strong correlation between performance and cost, but it's not strict before arbitration. Young guys have no leverage before aritration, but they need to get the years in to get to arbitration to start having the leverage to cash in, which is why you see young guys sign for less (Tanguay, Thornton, Lecavalier) than they might have truly deserved had they had arbitration rights.

That's why York's deal was structured 1.2 first year, 2.0 2nd year, 2.4 3rd year. He had no arb rights the first year. He would have been qualified at about 700K. so to get that big raise to 1.2 in his 4th year (no arb) he gave in on term, 2.0 and 2.4, in what would have been his arbitration eligible years. In Comrie's case, he isn't arb eligible until 2005, complicated by the new CBA. I could see him being offered a deal much like York's (even though he has more time until arbitration than York did), and would think that if he won't sign it he'll be traded or sit all year.

Personally I think what Lowe is looking for here is a 3 year 6 mil deal, roundabouts. If he wants to keep him here at all. But on a one year deal Comrie would have to give in financially because there isn't much incentive for them to give him a one year deal and watch him put up great numbers. They would pay more to get him tied up long term, I'm pretty sure, though as spaz notes that's speculation.

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