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09-24-2003, 06:07 AM
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The Red Wings simply don't have the assets to get Spezza out of Ottawa. Lindros, the last big rookie center to be traded, went for a stud 1st rounder in his draft year, a first and second round pick from the year before, a first round pick from the two subsequent years, a starting goaltender, a puck moving defencemen, and a roleplayer. And cash.

Even if we assume that Spets is worth only half that (2 1st rounders, 2 roster players), Detroit can't put together a package attractive enough, since they don't have the young draft picks avalable. And even if they did, Ottawa wouldn't have room for the roster guys.

Also keep in mind that most of Spezza's salary has already been paid to him, so Ottawa would be doubly foolish to trade him.

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