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01-17-2010, 10:03 PM
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Originally Posted by DelValParanormal View Post
If you were sure it was closed to the public, then why did you ask if anybody here was attending?
A) Due to the condition of the building, it most likely is closed to the public for safety reasons. Shouldn't be hard to figure out why. There are open risers and stuff laying all over the place. You can't have a building in that condition open to the public.

B) Even given the overall condition of the building, They DID have the Spectrum finale there last night. They just weren't climbing up into the open risers and racing around the concourse tripping on stuff. They entered underneath and went right to the floor which was obviously secure and set-up for the party.

C) This was my first post ever. All I did is asked if anybody here was going and what time they were arriving. This is a hockey website, isn't it? I am in the Flyer section, aren't I? Just because the Spectrum isn't "open to the public" doesn't mean that somebody in here couldn't be on the guest list of a private Spectrum party. I was just trying to find out information on the event. I don't know who was and wasn't invited or what their connection to the building was, for all I know there could have been some long time season ticket holders on the list. There may even be some long time season ticket holders in this forum. In fact, just recently Bob Fina said he was professionally shooting the Flyers. Wow, maybe Bob has access to the Flyers and or their buildings and events that the general "public" doesn't.

D) I didn't bring up the building being closed to the public. I was merely replying to He made it sound like their couldn't possibly be an event there just because he had someone in the know tell him the building was closed to the public. Either way, I don't see what my original question has to do with whether or not the Spectrum is or isn't open to the public.

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