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01-18-2010, 03:08 PM
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Originally Posted by NWO View Post
half way through a hockey season should not require you to get back into shape regadless of the system. Yes it is more intense but still no excuse as these guys are paid millions to be in shape and adapt. That is stevens fault for being a joke of a coach and the players for not getting themselves in better shape. A disgrace either way really. Of course homer is going to say it is a dead issue. what else he is he going to say at this point? they need AA help? He was the one 6 months ago who said it has been addressed or they had concerns, something to that effect. He doesnt want to relive it now.
Have there been recent pics/stories (not that made up crap) in the papers recently? Any pictures, stories, or innuendoes I've seen are at least two or more years old.

Partway through a hockey season, when your previous coach never ran more than 45 minute practices does require getting into better/different shape when you have one whose system is based on high energy, puck pursuit and true relentlessness. It's no different than any job where your manager/supervisor changes - they bring a different approach to the job and you have to get up to speed, either physically or mentally. Why are the players, and Richards particularly, being slammed for this?

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