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01-18-2010, 03:30 PM
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Originally Posted by NWO View Post
imo Richards is just trying to shift the blame to the media for his own short comings as a leader right now. It will be great if he grew up, hopefully, at some point soon. Until then he'll just come off as a complainer who cant deal with issues at hand. He seems to be a very sensitive guy. Grow a thicker skin. Concentrate on stepping up the play of yourself and your teammates.

It is a legitimate question and issue. We have read over and over about them getting back into shape for the new coach's system. Back into shape? What were you doign during the summer and training camp?
How is he blaming his supposed shortcomings as a leader on the media? He was asked an irrelevant question after a tough loss, a question that was largely personal because the reporter took offence to the Hockey News article, and he answered it. The reporter got in his face when he didn't like the answer. Who wouldn't be upset with him given the **** they make up and then he gets in your face after you give an honest answer? He's a nerdy little reporter grilling a hockey player about a different interview instead of the game. It was dumb.

Way to read too much into it.

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