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01-18-2010, 04:28 PM
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Originally Posted by shureshot66 View Post
...yes, god help the penguins, who have made excellent deals at or around the trade deadline the past two years to reach the stanley cup final both times. and those first two cups just weren't the same because they had to trade for francis and ulfie in '91 and then tocchet and kjell in '92. if only those teams could have worked through things on their own without the intervention of a meddling GM.

c'mon -- why the melodrama? now there's definitely something to be said against making a trade just for the sake of shaking things up. but if it improves the team and helps for the playoffs, why not? i think after these past few seasons, shero and the front office deserve the benefit of the doubt here.

i'm not saying ray whitney is specifically that guy -- i could take him or leave him -- but this attitude about trades is puzzling.
Uhh, those deals werent rentals those were trades that lead to long standing members of the team. If Whitney was that then it would be a solid move but he wont, be he's a rental or he's going to be on his last legs soon if he re-signs and people will whine and moan about him like they do with Guerin now.

This team has a very weak farm system and we are absolutely reliant on it to help resolve the continuous winger issue so to sell off a 2nd round pick which is a high quality prospect and whatever other mystery prospects of ours for someone who most likely wont be on our roster next fall wouldnt be an extremely smart move, especially after 3 years of doing that. It's fine if it's a one time thing but this has started to become habit.

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