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01-18-2010, 04:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Gooch View Post
This team has a very weak farm system and we are absolutely reliant on it to help resolve the continuous winger issue so to sell off a 2nd round pick which is a high quality prospect and whatever other mystery prospects of ours for someone who most likely wont be on our roster next fall wouldnt be an extremely smart move, especially after 3 years of doing that. It's fine if it's a one time thing but this has started to become habit.
In total, just 30 percent of second-rounders go on to play 200 or more games (100 for goalies). That’s just three players in 10, a very good average in baseball, but not a lot of return for a proven NHLer.

I agree with what your saying in principal, though it depends on the deal. Whitney fits this team like a glove (near PPG for his entire career, goal scorer, strong PP'er, RH shot, veteran etc). I'd give up a 2nd rounder all day for that.

Originally Posted by cptjeff View Post
Thoughts from a Cane's fan:
The Hurricanes have been looking into moving Whitney, and he would be a great fit on the pens. He's a very smart player on the wing, and would fit in well with Crosby- he can score, and he can set up plays, which plays well with Crosby's newfound shooting.

That said, he's going to be shopped around, so the price would be pretty high. A Guy his age still producing at around a PPG who's won a few cups, that's valuable come deadline day. You're not going to see him come cheap. But he would be valuable to teams looking to win in the playoffs.

That said, he has a NTC, and our GM has flat out stated that Whitney would have the final say in any deal, and if he says no, that he won't press him. That means he may not be moving at all, so even if there are 20 possible deals lined up and ready to go, it still may not happen.
It will be interesting. He's certainly at the top of the 2nd tier wingers that may be available.

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