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Originally Posted by Goncharmander View Post
I think the team needs to be shaken up as much as anybody, but we don't know what the cost is going to be. A canes fan came in here and said he thought the cost would be high. I'm just not willing to give up Caputi for a guy who could (and likely will due to cap restrictions) walk away in July. The only way I see this working is if management has given up on a highly touted prospect, and they're willing to get him off of the shelf.
agreed. i don't think any of us here would have endorsed trading for guerin last winter, but when the cost was just a conditional third-rounder, well that certainly changes things. whitney should and would cost more, making it a tough call.

A more subtle approach than trading might be to take away Malkin's 'A'. The same move is working wonders for Patrick Marleau. You can say that Heatley has been the cause of his 'inflated' point total, but Marleau is either at or close to 30 goals (haven't looked in some time). That's not a result of Dany Heatley.

I'd hate to be in Geno's shoes right now. I'm expected to dominate on the ice, score clutch goals, help lead my team, win the scoring race, and then do it all again come playoff time. I don't think I'd be opposed to taking that 'A' off of his chest.
though it's true marleau has been overly sensitive to criticism, especially when ron wilson was still the coach, i think a 30-year-old marleau is more mature to handle that sort of "demotion" than a 23-year-old malkin. hell, get his parents back out here for the stretch run and the playoffs, heh.

Back on track though, I don't see a need to make a trade. When the team knows it's time to play, they'll play. Yes, we're not playing extremely well, but I think for the first time in the last few years, just steadying the ship is the best course of action.
as of right now, the team isn't going to have a ton of cap room for the deadline, which would lessen the chance of a trade being made with picks and prospects as being the centerpiece, if that's comforting at all.

the deadline isn't until march 3, and with the olympic break in between, there will be plenty of time for shero and co. to analyze things.

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