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01-18-2010, 06:16 PM
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Originally Posted by cptjeff View Post
Explicitly named as part of the core the team will be building around. It's not going to happen. That said, if you wanted to ship us Crosby or Malkin, the Canes wouldn't say no. Short of that kind of overpayment, I very much doubt he'll be moved.

No offense but it wouldn't take anything close to Crosby or Malkin to get Ruutu in a trade... not that it matters because I doubt anyone is asking.

But more to the point, there aren't enough thoroughbreds on your team to acquire either of those guys. Put another way: if your GM suggested we trade either Crosby or Malkin for both E. Staal and Ruutu, Shero wouldn't give it much consideration IMHO... and Staal is a damn good player. Most GMs wouldn't. Those two guys are another echelon up from the best player on your team (Staal), who himself is another echelon up from the rest of your team.

As to this rumor, I believe it because the ESPN guy said he'd bet $20.

If they're using the Edmonton piece as their source, consider that Edmonton's hockey journalists are like the National Enquirer of sports writing, and routinely make **** up because they believe it will happen if they write it. Every year we hear big rumors from Edmonton and every year they're wrong. This may be a contributing reason why the worst trade proposals on this board for Pens players, always come from Edmonton fans. I mean every year... it's like "Here take five of our underachievers for Crosby (except Hemsky... you can't have him), k?!"

In the source food-chain, I believe TSN is more reliable than ESPN BTW, because quite simply they pay more attention to the sport and less to others. Not to say they wouldn't share info but the point I'm getting at is, unless it's TSN saying "Bob McKenzie's sources tell him x,y,z"... then probably it's just drummed up from the interweb. In which case.....

Eklund < TiOPS < My Barber Joe < Canadian Newspaper Journalists < ESPN < TSN.

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