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01-18-2010, 09:44 PM
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Originally Posted by BBKers View Post
[SIZE="3"]So --- I was a little bored. And really pissed off due to watching last nights game. So I devised a little scheme. Most of it is probably unrealistic and unrealizable - but you can discuss it if you like...

I love the effort you put into this and some trades seems plausible, but no way Colorado is trading O'Reilly.

My moves are simple:

1) Trade Prospal for a 2nd, Higgins for a 3rd, Gilroy for a 3rd, Christiansen for a 4th and Voros for a 5th.

2) Play Kotalik until his face falls off. I don't care where, just don't give up on him yet. I think he will rebound.

3) Call up Sangs and Grachev ASAP. Let Grachev get some NHL mins under his belt playing with AA. Sangs did not look out of place at all. I think he and DZ should run the point on the PP, not Drury and DZ.

4) Hold off on moving/demoting Redden, Rosie and Drury for now. Money aside, they are all capable and not stunting the development of anybody.

5) Call up Byers and PAP. Byers is better than Brashear and PAP is useful in the shootout



Seriously, guys. The vets Sather brought in have not produced. Time to cut sling load, as they say in the 82nd Airborne. This team went three games and scored one goal with the aforementioned vets in the lineup.

Henrik has proven he can carry this team on his back come March. No reason to become buyers. We can make the playoffs, develop our youngsters, and stockpile draft picks all at the same time.

Then in 2012, we can go after a legit RFA and have money left over to keep all our core guys.

Do it, Glen.

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