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01-07-2005, 01:50 AM
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What you have to remember about Kesler is his stats mean nothing. Whether he has 33 points or 3 points it all comes out the same: a third-liner with no offensive talent who didn't deserve to be taken in the first round. Shame on the Canucks for taking him so high. The fact that he went exactly where he was projected to go clearly means nothing because the scouts are always wrong. I mean really, it's been a whole year and half, we can definitely already tell that Kesler went too high. Forget the whole "5 year projection" thing, that's hogwash. Heck, many Canuck fans knew right away that they should have taken Tambellini instead.

(to avoid further confusion, I should specify that the above rant was sarcasm.)

I wonder how long it's going to take for Kesler to live down being overrated on one list by HF...

All teasing aside I see no reason why Canuck fans shouldn't be cautiously optimistic about Kesler's future. He's certainly a bright spot in a rather dark future as far as Canucks prospects are concerned.

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