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01-19-2010, 03:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Agent007 View Post
IMO the focus has to be defensive help but I'd love to add Kovalchuk to the mix.

I'd have no problem moving Schneider, Bieksa and picks for Kovalchuk but that's not likely going to get it done.

If the asking price for Kovalchuk and say Scott Neidermayer were the same then no doubt I'd go with Kovalchuk but realistically speaking there are teams such as LA that could afford to give up more and they've got a better chance at resigning him.

We could easily fit in Kovalchuk on a Hossa type of deal but if he's looking for 9+million long term then it just doesn't make sense.

Giving up Hodgson for a rental just doesn't make any sense. Even with Kovalchuk there's no gaurantee that we'll be able to get passed teams like San Jose and more importantly Chicago.

Kovalchuk puts us on a level where we can no doubt compete with either team but in a best of 7 it's tough to say what would happen.

With that being said any team that acquires Kovalchuk may get a late 1st/early 2nd round pick for his rights at the draft if they can't get him signed.
Personally even though i'd like Niedermayer i'm a little loathe now to go for the rental... moving picks has been a curse of many playoff failing teams and as long as we don't have serious injuries I honestly wouldn't mind the Canucks standing pat this season at the deadline (except maybe something VERY small like a Cullen or someone as a 3rd line center if not expensive).

Shooting for Kovalchuk is also ludicrous, but ya it's mainly due to the cost you mentioned going forward which could be crazy... but who knows?

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