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01-07-2005, 08:41 AM
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Originally Posted by The Messenger
Bobby Clarke didn't sign them to save money for the Flyers but that royally screwed Carter and Richards who if they signed now would make far less money under the new CBA with lower maxes and no bonuses ..Anthony Stewart, Getzlaf, Perry and Phaneuf their WJC teammates will all make more $$ because they were signed old CBA ..

Do you not feel this pisses Carter and Richards off .. when in fact other than Phaneuf may be considered better NHL prospects .. ??

What is stopping Carter who is now 20 .. not to accept the Flyers offer and since he can't go back in the draft ... He would be declared a UFA after June 1, 2005 a UFA he is not bound by rookie contracts and can sign for any amount .. If Carters Agent has a head on his shoulders why would he not go this route, even to the point possibly of giving the Flyers the right to match the best offer Carter would receive .. Richards could say screw you Philly, and not sign and go back into the next entry draft age permitting, the worst thing that happens is he is selected again and makes the same money anyway.

Nothing the Flyers could do about either situation ... IMO
But WTF, what's the aim of a GM??? To give big amounts of $$$ to his players and screw his franchise, or give them the salary they deserve and have a healthy franchise ?? We already have a high payroll, why make the situation worse by signing two highly-touted prospects at 1.085M$ a year to be locked-out players during this conflict ?? It makes no sense! Both Carts and Richie are far more usefull in their junior teams than being out of hockey for a year.
In the former system, rookies were given way too big contracts. A million dollar contract to start a career, this is not really decent.
Clarkie is not here to please the players. He's paid to run this franchise the best he can. So it's not by giving Carts and Richie big contracts that he would make his job.

Put this in your brain : Carter and Richards WILL be Flyers, simply because Bettman won't let the top teams lose their better prospects. He's not crazy. Even if nothing is written "black on white" somewhere, there is certainly a verbal agreement between Bettman and the GMs.

Come on...

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