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01-07-2005, 08:52 AM
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I know it all sounds bad, but

Originally Posted by NYRangers
Heres from someone else...

"JD talked about the progress on Danny's shoulder rehab. They showed him in that special training pool and you could really see the scar on his shoulder. He said that he has been working out very very hard and that all the nerves have come back but one. Unfortunately that one nerve is preventing him from being able to get his left arm up in order to make glove saves. The Rangers training/equipment staff have come up with a piece of equipment that is basically another blocker with a small catching glove for him to wear on his left hand. JD explained that there doesn't seem to be a rule against using this piece of equipment, which is good. JD also said that if Danny cannot play well while using this in place of his catching glove he will likely have to retire, which is bad. "
I had a friend who was shot in the shoulder in Nam and it severed all the major nerves in his shoulder. It took over 2 years for the nerves to grow enough so that they could go in and surgically reattach them. He went from basically having a dead useless left arm to a 95-99% totally functional arm and shoulder again. I guess what I am trying to say is that I would not necessarily say that this is the definitive end for Blackie, but rather that it may take another year or two. That said, how much will he be able to continue and regain his form and whether any organization would stay the course. The medical profession is constantly coming up with new methods and procedures so the final chapter may yet to have been written on this. Tough break for a really good young man, all the best to him.