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09-24-2003, 07:29 AM
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Originally Posted by LoudmouthHemskyfan#1
"why in the world would Lowe want to pay Comrie more than he has to? What is Lowe's upside in giving Comrie a one year deal at 1.8 mil only to watch him put up 70 points? If Lowe's gives him a one year deal at all it will likely be at a low number, and in fact, it wouldn't surprise me if Lowe simply told Winter that he's not interested in a one year deal at any price (as is Lowe's right under the CBA after Comrie refused his qualifying offer of approx 1.1 mil)"

Because that's how the NHL works, like it or not. Good player, you pay the guy. It's just so unrealistic, some of the expectations of what will work and what won't, you really think the guy would play for less than Georges Laraque??? Look at what they're doing with Havlat in Ottawa, same thing, he's not gonna take that kinda deal either.
Just an aside. You say that's the way the NHL works and its Comrie's right to turn down any offer if he feels he can get more. You are correct only you are ignoring the fact that what Lowe is doing is also the way the NHL works. Lowe owes it to the fans to ice the best team on budget and he's attempting to do that.

I suspect Lowe wants a two or three year deal. There is no way he's going to give a one year closer to two million to allow Comrie arbitration under the old CBA next summer. That would be irresponsible of our GM.

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