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09-24-2003, 08:37 AM
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Originally Posted by GuyF
In talking with Kevin Prendergast on the media Catwalk at Skyreach on Monday, $ didn't seem to be the problem. It was getting some freedom from Novosibirsk do come over and participate in Oiler activities. He would have been here in June but his club team said don't come back then. Bith player and organization want him to be in North America next year so it shouldn't be too hard to get him over here.
Would it be safe to assume that the Oilers wanted him here for camp but felt he wasn't ready for the AHL possibly and that his Russian team told him that if he went to North America he would not be allowed to return?

Because if both parties want to be here and they felt he could play in the AHL I don't see why the above would be an issue.

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