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Originally Posted by Johnny Utah View Post
I just don't want to give up the type of players Atlanta will want and put 10 million into one guy...leaving 40 million for the rest of the team.

People are forgetting that if Quick keeps playing like this he will be due for a big raise in a few years as well as Doughty, Simmonds and Johnson. Kopitar, Brown, Scuderi, Greene are really the only guys will long term deals....and that's about 18-20 million right there. How much money can we spend? Stoll and Handzus are another 8 million. Williams is at 3.5. What happens if Schenn and Bernier come in and dominates, we need cap room for them in a few years.

This is why Pittsburgh has Malkin, Crosby and both have crappy wingers...Kunitz, Guerin, Fedotanko? They are paying Fleury and Orpik big money too and probably won't re-sign Gonchar...this is why Chicago is talking of dealing a good young player. You can only have so many guys making between 4-7 million....This is why Washington is saying why they may lose Semin.

My point is losing Frolov only takes away 4 million, but adding 10 million really handcuffs the Kings...even if other guys go the other way....
I agree with you to a point, you are missing some key differences between the Kings and Pitts.

First the way Dean is building the team and if he continues to draft this well, you can afford to lose a guy because of salary demands because you will have another young guy(still on his elc) ready to plug in the spot.

Second, if you can build the winning culture players can and should be willing to take less money thus enabling you to retain more talent at less cost.

Third you list numerous players that are gonna need pay increases, but you have to remember there is only so much playtime to go around so if schenn moves up next year, he is only gonna get third line mins thus keeping his numbers lower (and his contract demands). You also mention Quick/Bernier needing raises, I believe only one would need a raise as a King, as that situation should work it's self out within the next 1-2 years and when a player is moved, whichever it is, will also help to replace other holes in the team.

Fourth, you have to realize that some of these contracts will start to expire by the time we need to re-up other players contracts, Zues may or may not get resigned but it wont be for 4 mil again, I'd say 2 mil at the most maybe less with schenn ready to emerge maybe not at all, Smyth and his 6.25(?) will go away and he won't be keep at that number if at all.

Fifth, when Pitts signed the contracts with Crosby/Malkin there is an assumption the cap is going to continue to rise, they got kinda screwed it didn't....hopefully the kings won't have to deal with this trouble but lets assume the cap gets back to a part of what it was pre-economic troubles. Then you can safly assume atleast a rise in the cap of 2m a year giving you 4m more in cap space by the time Doughty needs to resign.

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