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01-07-2005, 01:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Mayor of MacAppolis
Gotta feel for the Flyers fans. They must be scared if they feel it is necessary to poke fun at other teams' fans.

I for one would be looking into the Kiel McLeod scenario. I lived through the Ballard era when all steps were taken, including not taking the WHA seriously and selling off farm clubs in the name of saving a buck. This move by Clarke reeks of a Ballardesque move, especially if the rollbacks were to bring Carter and Richards' contracts down to what he hopes to have accomplished by waiting for a new CBA. It would especially piss me off if it bites the team in the ass. I would have preferred he played it safe, like all the smart GMs did.

If there was even 1% doubt in CLarke or Sniders mind that they would lose these guys, they would have been signed ! Flyers throw money around just as much as anyone, THEY WOULD NOT risk losing these 2 over what amounts to chump change to the FLyer's organization !

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