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01-07-2005, 04:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Sam I Am
I saw Balej play several times in Hamilton last year and he really looked good. Way better than Lundmark is capable of showing IMO. At times, it looked as if Balej was toying with the opposition--he was that good.

But Balej has always struck me as an all-or-nothing type of player--as pure skill players often are. The player he reminds me of more than anybody is Russ Courtnall--same physique, same skill-set.--for those old enough to remember. Sure Courtnall had a career in the bigs, but he was always less than the sum of his parts.

This year, seven goals all seaon long. Yikes. If I was a Ranger fan, I'd definitely start to worry...especially when I see Balej's name in the second spot on the NHL depth chart.

now after seeing how great Balej was, why the hell would you be concerned when you know he's better then his numbers

it's because you're happy out of bitterness and want to rub it in

you did not even state one negative and you have not seen him play this season, yet you're telling us to be concerned this after seeing him dominate the same competition

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