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Originally Posted by FloPoErich View Post
As far as the hockey aspect, I have a decent stick and basic gloves. I need a helmet for stick and puck(when I get that far) but what else do I need. Shoulders, elbows, pants, shins? Anything else? Thanks in advance for the help, sorry if this is too similar to other posts.
For stick and puck, the only thing I would say is a necessity other than the required gloves, stick, and helmet, is shin guards. It's definitely gonna hurt if you get a puck to the leg. You can get a pair of track pants or even roller hockey pants that will go over the shins, which is what I did when I first started going to stick and puck. Eventually I got tired of having to make sure everything was washed so I bought hockey pants. I would give it a few sessions to see what things are like before dropping a bunch of money. If you find that you enjoy it and want to get into it some more, pants are just another good protective investment. I'm going to call elbows personal preference. I know guys who don't wear them at stick and puck and have no problems. I on the other hand, smashed my elbow off the ice one too many times and won't go out without pads. Shoulders I would almost call unnecessary. Hard contact is a no-no at stick and puck, or at least frowned upon. If you want the protection you can get some.

That's all just observation from my stick and puck sessions. Other people may have different opinions. It all comes down to how the stick and puck is run. Some places just want you out there on your own shooting at a net or passing around and will probably try and break up any sort of game, other places probably don't care as long as everyone has the minimum required equipment. We always try to get games going, and I've been good with just stick, gloves, elbows, shins, pants, and helmet.

The most important thing is have fun and don't worry about looking like a beginner, everyone has to start somewhere.

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