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09-24-2003, 09:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Bonzai
Can't management see that after a bad season, things need to change? The MNJ line that got pushed around last year isn't suddenly going to be beefed up and physical this year. This is quite disappointing. Hopefully Semin will get some decent ice time on scoring lines.
You sort of contradict yourself with the Semin comment. Semin may be preferrable to Miller on the first line but he does not bring physical play to that line. Moving Grier to the Lang line does had some of that there.
I am dubious about Bondra with Halpern and Konowalchuk, but it appears that Cassidy wants to see Halpern and Kono back in the 20 goal range and think adding a strike player like Bondra will do that.
I think the bottom line is that Jagr wants to play with Miller more than he wants to play with a physical force. Miller's first option at all times is to pass the puck to Jagr. Miller has a great sense of where Jagr is and his passes regularly do get to Jagr. He doesn't want Sutherby or Grier
because they don't pass well enough. He doesn't want Zubrus, Bondra or Semin because if they get the puck they will shoot it. That leaves Miller. I think your comments are inline with what the team has said. They want more grit throughout the lineup and want to be more physical.
They seem to do that with the mentioned lineup with the exception of Jagr's line. I think that shows that there are still two sets of rules. One for Jagr and one for the rest of the team. Does anyone disagree?

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