Thread: Confirmed with Link: Laraque to be Bought Out by Habs
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01-21-2010, 09:28 AM
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Originally Posted by FlavorFlav View Post
I'll never understand this organization.

All we hear about for years is how soft we are, how we get pushed around too much, so we go out and get the biggest baddest knuckle chucker in the league, and are baffled when *gasp* he is not terribly fast and doesn't produce.

I'll never fathom why other teams can play a Boogaard or a Shelley or a Thornton or a Stortini on a regular shift to protect the talent, but we can't figure out how to do it. If you answer that the other teams are stacked with more talent, then that's a whole other issue we need to address isn't it? NO longer the fault of an enforcer in the lineup...

I for one will miss you Georges, a guy with some fire in his belly and <gasp again> a bit of passion and pride for being a Hab.

So now let's bring up a crappy middleweight in Neilson and watch him perform the same way in the same role, but get pummelled when he faces the Orrs or the Godards or McGrattans of this league, and add no intimidation presence whatsoever.

The dysfunction and absolute lack of any kind of vision on this team is boundless.
His stat line tells it all: 21 hits in 28 games and 4 fighting majors.

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