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01-21-2010, 09:43 AM
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Originally Posted by mikedifr View Post
Dont be a moron....#1, it obviously wouldnt be a 1-1 deal....#2 If Carter is moved, it is going to be for cap reasons, in which case we arent going to take a player with his salary or more back and #3, I am not saying we should move him but if we decide that Giroux is going to be a center in the NHL, he needs to be in the top 6. So do you trade Richards instead of Carter???
#1 A moron is a person who chooses to move our top scorer for an overpaid 3rd liner like Stoll and prospects. You want to save cap space by acquiring a 3rd line C who makes $3.6???

#2 No way no how should Carter be moved regardless. Even in this cap world, Carter MUST be kept. He is the kinda guy who plays well even if he had crap linemates (anyone see how Hartnell has played when he isn't in the paint?).

#3 IF we decide to keep Giroux on this team (which I support), he will need to prove he can play a wingers role at some point. The same position he was drafted at and played most of his career. I have ZERO problem employing a Pittsburgh system and rolling out 3 lines with Giroux, Richards and Carter if we have too, even if we sacrifice Gagne or Hartnell to do it. Ideally Giroux would improve and look better on the wing, otherwise I have no issue letting him or Richie center a third line with Giroux at C on the PP and Richie on point. Sounds perfect.

In Lavi's system, players literally swap positions up front, which may be part of the reason for Carter's resurgence as Hartnell has been able to sit in front of the net and Carter and Briere are allowed to roam a lot more. I don't see why not Giroux and Richards can't click if given more time. Even if they don't, I still run 3 good Centers.

Gagne-Richards-Powe sniper/playmaker/checker
Hartnell-Carter-Briere power forward and checker/sniper/playmaker
JVR-Giroux-Asham power forward and sniper/playmaker/checker
Carcillo-Betts-Lappy grind grind grind

is very good in my honest opinion. I love the idea of getting some good checking on each line, yet I do cringe watching some of Powe's shots. That's another story though. I say we tell Gagne that if he is unwilling to take a pay cut, we would likely have to move him. He is good defensively and has a nose for the net, but he can be more easily replaced in my opinion then Giroux, Richards or Carter IMHO.

Giroux, Richards and Carter dominate the puck and just need roleplayers. Gagne is a role player, granted a VERY good one, but still a role player. He can't make his own chances.

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