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09-24-2003, 08:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Beukeboom Fan
Statistics don't lie, but liars use statistics.

Daze's 44 points came in 54 games, or a .81 PPG pace. That's 1st line production from a goalscorer. Or isn't Guerin a 1st line player either?

Hecht has proven squat since one good play-off series 4 years ago.

Daze's value is very close to Satan's IMO. Satan's more a play-maker & Daze is more of a goalscorer. Daze's value is hurt by his back injury last year.

You might not like Daze, but comparing him to Chris Gratton is just a travesty. You might as well compare Zhitnik to Dempsey or Quint.
Daze's never healthy. What a surprise.

Since 1998, Gratton has 207 points, Daze has 249. A difference of 42, or 8 pts per year. In the same time period, Satan has 343 points, a difference of 94 pts, or 19 pts. per year. Comparing him to Gratton is much more accurate than comparing him to Satan.

Daze: .67 PPG, Hecht: .54 PPG. Daze: useless defensively. Hecht: good defensively. Daze: can't skate. Hecht: can skate. Daze: $3.2M per. Hecht: $1.2M per. Daze: 28. Hecht: 26. No, I would not trade Hecht for Daze. Daze's other attributes don't compensate for .13 PPG.