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01-21-2010, 02:05 PM
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Originally Posted by artilector View Post
I'm gonna chime in as an outside observer (Caps fan).

If you're gonna get Kovy, you've got to find a way to retain Frolov. It would be crazy not to. They've played great for Russia before, and really Frolov is everything Kovy needs in terms of support -- possession, size, defensive awareness, skill. And Frolov is cheap. Heck, you might get him for 3.5 per. That's insane. He's better than probably 95% of the players making that much.

In a nutshell, if you were going to design the ideal complementary wing for Kovy, it would probably be Frolov... and you can have him for a bargain price..

Frolov and Kovalchuk were together in the 2009 World Championships in Switzerland as well (gold medal).
They were together on the ice as well (I was rooting for Russia as I usually do in international championships ) and it was a joy to watch!

Also, I think Kovalchuk would like Frolov on the team as well. Weren't there rumours about him wanting Antropov to sign with Atlanta when he did? (Maybe Afinogenov as well?)
These two together would be awesome.

I don't really get why a star would "hurt" either, especially Kovy since he doesn't seem like a person who would claim the attention.

I was thinking of a way to put a line of Frolov (playmaking, great overall so defense as well), Kovalchuk (great shot) and Williams (speed) together but I don't know who'd be center...

So exciting this is I hope the wise desicions will be made.

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