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01-21-2010, 02:56 PM
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Originally Posted by noobman View Post
I prefer longer sticks.

It's easier to keep your head up because the puck is further away from your body while stickhandling, and not as far down in your peripheral vision.

I also prefer the longer stick b/c I play a power forward style of game. I usually just shield the puck with my body and skate around defensemen instead of trying a fancy move. The long reach helps to keep the opposing player from getting an errand poke at the puck with his (or her, but not very often) stick.

The longer stick also makes it easier to put the puck around a defenseman... IE pushing the puck to his left while you skate by him on his right.

A shorter stick helps you keep the puck in tight, and makes it more difficult for the defender to try a stick lift. I used to use a stick that fell about mid-chest, but later switched to a stick that falls underneath the chin and never switched back.

When I'm playing street hockey, I still prefer a stick that falls mid-chest. To each their own, I suppose... over a period of time you'll adjust to everything.
Well said, my friend. One more thing about using a far shorter stick- it makes it easier to lift the puck. Anyone who makes a sudden change in stick length will find that out!

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