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01-21-2010, 04:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Legionnaire View Post
No we don't. What the **** are you talking about. The whole reason why this franchise has sucked for so long is because owners, GM's have tried to keep up with the Showtime Lakers. It's never worked.

K17, is dead on. Kovalchuk has never won ****. He's even sucked balls on team Russia. He's been swept in every NHL playoff series.

Where the **** is your head? Never-Never Land? The truth is Kovlchuck can score highlight goals, but he's a ****** teammate. This is why Atlanta will cut it's losses and build around Bogosian.

And does anyone here expect that Kovalchuk will help us win this year? Are you serious? You're ****ing high if you think the Kings are serious cup contenders with or without Kovalchuk.

Now I ask why the hell would we give up quality players and picks like Moller or Simmonds for a moody little baby who hasn't won ****?
Qaulity players like Moller and Simmonds? They have proven how much so far? I like Moller and Simmer, but this is assinine if you think they are more valuable than someone like Kovy.

I'm sorry but I 100% disagree with you. Will Kovy help win the cup this year? no. would he help make the playoffs? hell yes he would. Put a decent team around Kovy and watch what happens....

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