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01-08-2005, 12:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Levitate
cuz the standard way to deal with these things is to just let them heal...apparently there's no surgery that can magically make a damaged nerve heal, so they didnt' see any point in doing it. of course they didn't know there was scar tissue messing with the nerve...

i dont' think they handeled it wrong, but if they were extra careful they might have caught it before they did...but we don't even know for sure if that would have made a difference in the end. maybe he gets to start rehabbing sooner but it doesn't mean the nerve would have healed all the way
Agreed. It's important not to forget that this is an unusual injury (and a difficult one at that because nerves are very different from bones, tendons and ligaments). And that Blackburn--for the vast majority of people--has made a pretty good recovery; he's gone from not being able to lift his arm to doing all the things that a regular person needs to do to get by in life. The problem is that he is not a "regular" person--he's a professional hockey player who got to this point because he had a gift that included speed and agility. Unfortunately, he may not be able to regain that level.

Medicine is not a science, it is an art. Sometimes--in spite of the best efforts of the most brillant people--the outcome is less than perfect. Blackburn was able to touch his dreams. Most of us never even get to that point. It's too bad that he most likely will be prevented physcially from trying to make it to the next level. But, overall, at least he will live to see his future and hopefully find something new that he loves.

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