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01-21-2010, 05:55 PM
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I just bought an Edgechecker from edgechecker dot com and am very happy with it so far. I originally found the guy on youtube demoing the product, emailed him explaining my problem - he called me on the phone and basically told me that was the reason he designed his own, and now sells them at a very reasonable price ($50 instead of the $100+ I paid for the BR100 and BR200). It's a very simple design - it fastens onto the runner magetically instead of with a thumbscrew. The design on his site isn't quite what he shipped - he said he's gone with a new design. The new design has lines instead of colored circles, and the entire base that goes along the runner is magnetic instead of having a magnet on the outside (actually I think I may have liked the magnet on the outside instead).
Anyways... received it last Friday. Sharpened a pair to dead level holding the skate one way, flipped the skate around and it measured dead level that way too! Finally!!
I do really like this and have used it instead of the Blademaster products I have and will not go back. If one edge shows high and I flip the skate around, that same edge shows the same difference. I am 100% sure that this one is a perfect 90 degrees. I'd imagine that the very simple design helps to ensure the accuracy in manufacturing.
I could upload a pic of the one he sent me if you want (don't have it at home here so might take a few days).

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