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01-08-2005, 02:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Graveytrain
I hear what your saying, but it's not like trying to teach a young child to write, ect... Blackburn is a righty if im correct... as well as all tenders who catch with their left hand are considered righties, which i've always found strange...maybe they should be called lefties but sticking the glove on the right hand would put it on his "correct" side...

Tenders are considered righty or lefty depending on which hand they use to control their stick with... same as a skater and similar to golf...

It's not like switching a right handed shooter or golfer to the other side...

i don't believe it is as tough a switch as some might think for a goaltender, he could probably do it and be successful at a lower level, but i guess thats not what were shooting for
Try eating your next meal using the opposite hand you always use to hold the fork and tell me how easy (and comfortable) it is to switch. I can use my right hand for plenty of things (I'm a lefty living in a right-handed world, it's a survival skill) but there are some things (especially those that require dexterity) that Never feel natural using my "wrong" hand.

I always assumed that goalies use their dominate hand to control their stick because it requires more strength to do things like move the puck and that they do more things in general with their stick hand than their glove hand. If you break down the motions goalies use their gloves for, it seems to me to involve a smaller set of skills. And there is always the fact that baseball was invented first and maybe people already were used to the idea of catching with their non-dominate hand. But, I ain't that old, so I'm just guessing...

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