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Originally Posted by FloPoErich View Post
I know there are a couple of threads like this, so forgive me if this is too similar. I am 25 and have loved hockey all my life, but never had the drive to get into until recently. I have played floor hockey(don't laugh) for the past two years and absolutely loved it. I just started skating(i've been 3 times now). I just bought some skates so I can get used to those. I can skate forwards, backwards at slow speeds, medium front crossovers and am really working on my stops.

Does anyone have any tips to improve my skating? I live in St. Louis and am trying to hit up a rink 2-3 times a week and just skate and try new things and work on the basics.

As far as the hockey aspect, I have a decent stick and basic gloves. I need a helmet for stick and puck(when I get that far) but what else do I need. Shoulders, elbows, pants, shins? Anything else? Thanks in advance for the help, sorry if this is too similar to other posts.
I am in a very similar situation

I am 20 years old and started skating about 3 month ago. I have been on the ice every week for at least 3 hours or so. Thus far I can pretty much do anything forwards and working on backward crossovers and full speed hockey stops. ( I did use to play some street hockey in middle school though). I am taking an adult skating class to improve my skating before I look like a bender out there. By the end, I should be able to do just about everything at medium speed. I been also going to a little stick and puck to practice shooting and doing stick handling at home with a hockey ball on my floor.

My roommate has been playing hockey for 6 years and he told me that skating so so important and alot of people jump out there too early and find it to be too complicated than fun. So I would try to get most of your skating down before diving into playing. We are still young, patience is key haha.

I collected all my gear together from local shops and ebay. You will need

Helmet (get a good one, HECC certified)
Mask (trust me, you want to have teeth, especially as a beginner)
Shoulder Pads (You dont need very GOOD ones, cheap ones will do because you won't be checking alot just learning at first)
Elbow Pads (Get these at a local shop and make sure they fit from the end of the shoulder pads to your glove, and make sure they are comfortable)
Gloves (Make sure these fit, try these at a local shop)
Hockey Pants (make sure the pants fit nice and reach mid-knee cap, I got decent pants because they are kinda important)
Jock (I'd rec like an ITech Mesh short + jock + velcro for hockey socks)
Shin guards (get these at a local shop as well, make sure they fit)
Hockey Socks
Jersey (Make sure it feels ok over all your pads, get this last)
Skates (100000% make sure these feel good, more $$ doesn't mean better. Try these at a local skate shop and make sure they feel comfortable or you will have a hell of a time on ice)

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