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01-21-2010, 09:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Steelhead16 View Post
One thing I find that seems to give beginners a bad start that they don't seem to overcome is moving too quickly. What I mean by that is guys move to skating with sticks too early. Get your skating down really solid before moving to the next step. Skating is the foundation of everything you will do in hockey. I've seen lots of guys learn to skate with a stick and they use it as a rudder or a crutch. Hockey is an extremely difficult sport and the more things that you can make a "habit" the easier the rest of it will be. Nobody learns how to play any other sport at the same time as they learn how to walk or run. If you can afford it I would check into private lessons at your local rink. You will get more out of 2 half hour lessons then you will from a once a week 6 week class. I also suggest that you take lessons from a figure skating coach. A lot of guys let their egos get in the way and won't take lessons from a figure skater. Figure skaters skate with power and use their edges properly. You can learn to play hockey from a hockey coach. If you can skate without having to think about it your brain will have more time for the other 1000 things you'll have to think when you actually start playing.
Good luck and welcome to the club!!!
Really good advice here.

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