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09-24-2003, 10:42 AM
Guy Damien Lafleur
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Originally Posted by Darz's starting to sound alot like Montreal in September. The fan's *****ing is already in mid-season form.

The season hasn't even stated yet, and we want everybodies head on a platter. First off, I think we should give the team more than a few preseason games, before we jump all over them.
Please remember...THESE GAMES ARE MEANINGLESS. I can understand that going to a game (preseason or not), and not feeling like you got a certain level of entertainment out of it is one thing, but you were warned...IT IS PRESEASON. A lot of preseason games look like you described the habs game, that's what preseason is for. Do you real beleive that the Red Wings, or Av's or any of the other top teams are playing unbelievable hockey in September????
Remember how well we looked in pre-season last year????? Chow was going to be an Art Ross threat, Hainsey was a lock for the Calder. But was was meaningless.

Let's wait til the games have meaning before asking for everybody invovled with the team to be shot.

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