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01-22-2010, 01:35 AM
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Originally Posted by jme42257 View Post
Hello, I come in peace. everyone trashing Carcillo, I def understand, but Gaborik took his gloves off first. I thought Danny was about to get trashed by any one of the other Rangers on the ice. Matt Bradley stepped in for Ovie, you'd think any one of your fighters would do the same. After that one I thought the game was about to turn into an all-out brawl. Somebody comes at Briere, Gagne, you'd better believe someone else is coming in immediately. Carter got offered out by Avery, he said no thanks. That's exactly what Gaborik shoulda done.
The thing is, as you probably know, that people snap some times. Gaborik did not map out the next 60 seconds, he just got sick of it and fought back. It's okay, and he is okay with it himself. He is anything but soft.
The point is that when your star player gets into only his second fight in his entire NHL career, you should not be sitting there thinking "well, he is a grown man and got into this, let's let him sort this out".

No. Thinking should not really enter. If you are his teammate, you should defend this guy who rarely fights and is the important player on the team along with Lundqvist.

There is far too much analysis going on about this. Okay, so we might have had to play 5 d-men if Girardi had been thrown out. Turning the other cheek was is not always a better choice. The Flyers needed to be shown some real resistance, especially the greaseball Carcillo.

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