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09-24-2003, 09:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Laperriere22
I doubt the Avs have room for a goaltender in Hershey. It's going to be Budaj as #1 and most likely Lawson as #2 (I figure the Avs signed Lawson for this reason explicitly; so, he's going to fit in as the #2 unless he's just so horrible they can't feasibly let him do it).
Eklund I think is better than Lawson, at this would give time for Lawson to be a starter in the ECHL....they signed Lawson as a precaution, but that was BEFORE the Lightning entered into an agreement with the Bears.

Defense is looking to be pretty deep for the Bears as well. They have Busenburg (assigned from Tampa's camp), Viitanen, Saviels, Clark, Finger, and Mark Jerrant. There will also be at least one of Slovak or Liles sent to Hershey as well. And there's also the McAllister/DJ Smith questions that need answering.
I don't see McAllister going to Hershey, he'd be picked up on waivers if they tried to send him down. Smith, very well could end up in Hershey, but his role would be no diffrent than it would be on the Av's....mostly a lower Dman or 4th liner. Decaire should be given a decent shot at the 3-5 spot, because if he shows half of what he did in Tampa, he won't be there for long, and then Hershey can have one of the favs back in either Trepanier or Rumble....

At forward is Travis Brigley, Krestanovich, Moore, Brule, Kuleshov, Bruce Richardson, Voltera, Stephens, and newly acquired Gavin Morgan. I expect both Svatos and McCormick to end up in Hershey too. That leaves Larsen, Willsie, Aubin, and Cummins shooting for the last two forward spots.
I just don't see Aubin sticking with the Avalanche this year....too many guys fghting for that spot....Artukhin and Soucy are are close to the level of the AV's top prospects, so I don't think they'd get turned away....Craig is an unknown as of now....

The waiver draft might move a couple of these guys out of the system, but Hershey is fairly full this year. Dicaire is a possible depending on which players get cut by the Avs because Jerrant and Saviels both saw ECHL action last year. If Cummins doesn't earn a spot, then he's not going to be under contract and it's anyone's guess whether he would accept playing in Hershey. Kuleshov is horrible; I could see the Bears cutting him or sending him to the ECHL. I believe Voltera has played in lesser leagues than the AHL as well. Don't know for sure, but I think Tampa could have some problems getting their players ice time in Hershey.
Kuleshov could fall off the planet and no one would miss him....Voltera, he'd be kept in Hershey only as a fighter, as I don't think he offers much else....Cummins has already said he'd retire if he didn't make the AV's....

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