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01-22-2010, 10:06 AM
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We had a round robin playoff game that would determine if we went to the championship game. We needed to win, they needed to win or tie.

Three minutes to go, we're up 2-1, and the ref calls us for interference when two guys bumped into each other in the neutral zone. As we're killing the penalty, the puck comes into the crease and one of our D and one of their forwards both lunge for it, get tangled up, and go down. We get called again, giving a 1:30 5-on-3. Sure enough, they tie it up with a minute left and we are out.

Another bad ref situation was a league game a few weeks back...they ran our goalie twice (full on not stopping), our goalie shoves the guy and we get called for the roughing. Two guys at center ice get tangled up and go down, we get called for hooking. I got my knees taken out and go down hard in the corner, no call. I have the puck on a semi-breakaway in their end and get a huge hook/slash across the chest hauling me down, no call. But they body checked one of our guys (no check league), elbow to the head into the glass, and as he went down they smack our guy in the head with the stick, no call (both refs watching). That one really pissed me off.

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