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01-22-2010, 10:14 AM
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Originally Posted by DUHockey9 View Post
I'm sorry I just don't buy this stuff. Do any of us really know what they have and haven't done? "they knew about his back problems and they've done nothing to resolve them"? How do you know?

These people are doctors/trained professionals. Are there better ones out there? I'd bet my life on it. Are there worse ones? I'd bet my life on that.

What we are told, and what is actually happening is probably drastically different. They misdiagnosed Gagne's concussions as dehydration? Perhaps they were trying to be discreet.

I'm not trying to make excuses. The Flyers do have a history of annoying lingering, recurring problems. But we don't know anything! I'd bet other teams have the same issue to some degree but we don't follow other teams religiously so we don't know any better.

Maybe there is an issue with the training staff, but to act like it's so obvious and definitive is just extreme.
It'd be different if there weren't history of the incompetence of the medical staff. But it goes right back to the Lindros days in terms of incompetence.

Seriously, the way the medical staff has mishandled injuries is a legitimate concern and should send red flags when guys who should only be out for a short period of time are missing big chunks of time because either the medical staff have missed something completely or because they've allowed a player on the ice too quickly.

I still remember after the 07-08 season when Gagne got a radio station in Montreal and tore the medical staff a new one about how they dealt with his concussion. And no, the dehydration diagnosis wasn't about being discreet. They clearly thought he was suffering from dehydration when Gagne knew all along it was something else and told them as much.

As for Parent, this is a guy who had known back issues, right back from his last season in junior hockey. This is a guy that the medical staff had to be leery of and keep a close eye on and ensure that things were ok. They failed.

And if you really want to get into it, look at how every offseason some player from within the organization is always getting something done with their hips. And look at how long it takes for them to recover. And then look at how they end up injuring something else.

As for back injuries, look no further than how they treated John LeClair's back injury. Yes, LeClair had surgery by a different doctor, but the medical staff was responsible for the after care and LeClair ended up getting a staph infection that nearly caused him to lose the use of his legs. That was under the watchful eye of the organization's doctors and medical staff.

Need I go on? Because there's more medical incompetence that this medical staff has been a part of, yet they still remain to be hired on by the organization to this very day. It's absolutely scary how this franchise's medical staff treats the players.

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