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01-22-2010, 11:12 AM
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I was all over Girardi last night in thr GDT. Then about 2 am I watched it again. I am even more disgusted with him. I initially thought he was more tied up with another player.
He wasn't. He has to jump on Carcillo there. Has to.

If you think that the Flyers would have let Avery do that to Gagne, or Voros do that Elias or the either do that to Tavares, without somebody hell anybody jumping in....

I believe your sadly mistaken.

Girardi knows he ****ed up. Just like Vic Hadfield did when Dave Shultz beat the living daylights out of Dale Rolfe. Remember watching it with my dad on Ch 9. Vic caught tremendous heat from the fans for that. Many Rangers fans at the time thought that that play was a real setback for the Rangers.

Its still talked about today by many old time Ranger fans that I know as a real disgrace
for the franchise.
Some see similarities (though less of a beating and much more of a player here) from then to now. Curious to see how this team responds.

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