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01-22-2010, 11:36 AM
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Originally Posted by LoFFeN View Post

I was pretty steamed when Sather let Orr go and signed Brash instead. I was willing to give Brash a chance, but my god, he's irritated me ever since the Sharks game, when he managed to cough the puck up twice which led to goals. He did the exact same thing against Minnesota.

He was supposed to be tough and step up and fire the team up. He can't even take a regular shift without being a liability...

Sather can't even sign a proper goon for ****s sake. LOL!
I'm shocked at how fast Brash has fallen. I was one of the "this is ok" people when we signed him--bothered by the 2-year deal but ok with his presence, having watched him be a useful player in Washington. Every once in awhile we see a glimpse of his hockey playing ability, but the vast, vast majority of the time he's a true liability.


It's just pain.
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