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Originally Posted by rinkrat22 View Post
Just because you dont know the rules doesn't mean you dont have to play by them. If another player doesn't know about standing in the crease interferring with your goalie should I not wave off the goal?

We dont call intent we call actions "I didn't mean to trip him" doesn't make it right if you still tripped the player.

Also the more you ***** and moan the more calls that are not going to go your way.
First of all, relax?

Second of all, I said the REFS DON'T EVEN KNOW THE RULES. They're just volunteers.

Also, it's true that if you don't know the rules, there's no way you can play by them. But that's not really related to this...

My whole point was just that are you seriously going to make a teenager who gets on the ice once a week sit for an extra 2 minutes for a very questionable rule? Don't say all rules are equal or anything, there's a difference between intentionally killing your opponent's player and asking what a penalty is for, especially if you legitimately don't know what it's for, since the refs do call some of the most random penalties sometimes.

Me not being a NHL referee like you are, didn't know that the player who got the penalty wasn't allowed to ask what it was for, even if he is a captain/assistant.


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