Thread: Larry Brooks: Why the hate against Larry?
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01-22-2010, 05:55 PM
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Here's the problem with Larry:

The Islanders over the last 13 games, 10-2-1.

The Rangers have 1 regulation LOSS in their 12 games.

The Islanders and Rangers are playing identical for the past month or so.

One is a feel good story, the league can't get enough notice.

One can't do a thing right, one loss, fire Sather, the world is ending.

A lot of why the Isles are embraced is because of the type of journalistic work Katie Strang and Chris Botta are doing. People like to listen to those "above" them.

Are there negative things about the Isles? Of course.. are you hearing about them? No, because WINNING and moving up in the standings is more important than what's negative right now.

Our writers make sure to emphasize the positive over the negative.

Not for Larry, not for the Rangers - and instead, this board is constantly negative. I don't know why, but I just feel this negativity when I come over here. And why that is for a team that has kept pace with a red hot Isles, whom can't get enough good press - is ridiculous.

If anything, one regulation loss in the last 12 games is a huge accomplishment. Why is that Larry Brooks fails to write about such? His negativity is daunting.

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