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01-22-2010, 06:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Sting36e View Post
You don't see how these two teams are in totally different situations, despite the similarity of their records?

The Islanders are competing for the 8th playoff spot the season after they finished last in the league. The Rangers, for the 5th consecutive season, are one of the league's most average teams, still being carried by two players just as they were 5 years ago. And since the team is in a colossal cap quagmire, there is no end to the mediocrity in sight.

There is very little to feel good about with the Rangers right now. Another first round playoff exit is not what this team needs at this juncture.
Well, that's one way to look at it, and of course Larry would look at it like that, too. Than again, you're still ahead of the Isles and you still have a pretty damn good record over the past month or so.

You would never know with posts like this. It's one thing to expect more than a roster is capable of giving, or not giving credit to a roster playing even or above of what they are capable of doing.

I think it is a mix of in the middle for the Rangers, but at the end of the day: This "average" team is still in 7th and still capable of finishing as high as 5th, even 4th with a solid run.

Why all this doom and gloom? ANYTHING can happen in the playoffs, and as of right now, that's where you stand.

Do I think Glen Sather has assembled the best roster? No, no amount of wins are going to shield that, but the roster is still capable of doing great things. Especially with a guy like Henrik at the backend. We see it all the time, average teams go the distance because of goaltending. Don't make me post the many examples over the years.

Cheer up guys, jesus.

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